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Return Policy

Return Policy

As per Public Authority of Consumer Protection Law in Oman.

“The customer, and within a period of fifteen (15) days as of his receipt of any commodity, save consumer items that are readily spoilable, shall be entitled to replace, return or refund the value of the commodity without any additional costs if such commodity is defective or incompliant with the standard specifications or unfit for the purpose for which the commodity was procured, provided that the consumer shall submit proof of purchase of the commodity from the provider and that the defect is not due to misuse by the consumer of the commodity. The regulations shall stipulate the type of commodities on which the provisions of this article shall apply”

Panasonic service centers in Oman:

Bawsher P.O. Box 2734, Tel +968 24582940, 24582575, 24582180, 24582401 Fax +968 24582877

Spare Parts: 24582565. WhatsApp: +986 24582180

Salalah  P.O. Box 900, Tel +968 23212290 , Fax +968 23296292    






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