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Raymond Weil Warranty

Raymond Weil Warranty

The watch RAYMOND WEIL described on the limited warranty is warranted for two years from the date of purchase. The limited warranty is valid provided that your RAYMOND WEIL watch was sold by an authorized RAYMOND WEIL dealer and that the warranty card was fully and properly fulfilled by the latter.

The limited warranty covers the defects in material or resulting from manufacturing of the watch. 

The warranty not cover:

  • Battery, crystal, strap.
  • Damage resulting from an accident, normal wear, negligence, misuse, abuse or from the intervention of any person not authorized by RAYMOND WEIL S.A. or its representatives;
  • Incidental or consequential damage arising from the failure or malfunction of the watch as well as from any inappropriate usage, lack of precision, malfunction or lack of conformity of the watch.

In case of defects covered by this limited warranty, your watch will be, at the sole option of RAYMOND WEIL S.A., repaired or replaced free of charge.

For international warranty, please contact back.



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