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Panasonic 2000W Hair Dryer EH-ND65-K685
Panasonic 2500 Watts Hair Dryer EH-NE84-K685
Panasonic 3-Blade shaver ES-RT47
Panasonic Body Trimmer-5 Cutting Length-Wet/dry ER-GY10
Panasonic Compact yet Powerful Drying 2000 W of Drying Performance with 1800 W energy use EH-ND43-K685
Panasonic Compact yet Powerful Hair Dryer EH-ND30-K685
Panasonic Hair Dryer EH-NE83-K685
Panasonic Hair Straightener EH-HV52-K685
PANASONIC Hair Straightener EH-HV70-K685
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA11-W685
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA31-W685
Panasonic Hair Styler EH-KA42-V685



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